Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear Zahara: 5 Months

Dear Zahara,

Happy (belated) five month birthday! This has been a busy month for you, dear. You have become quite the world traveler. In the middle of the month we took your very first plane trip all the way to the United States! Actually, it took three planes to get there, but you did so well! The first plane was from Leeds to Amsterdam; it was just an hour long and was the hardest of them all. Your little ears didn't have enough time to adjust to the pressure changes. All told, you've now been on seven flights already! Thankfully, every flight has been better than the first one.

You love interacting with people. Whether it's our friends or people on the street, everyone loves making you smile. You do it freely and easily. Our new favorite thing that you do is pull our faces toward you like you're trying to give us a kiss. It's absolutely adorable. Mummy has to be sure to keep your nails trimmed though. Otherwise, we get scratches all over our faces!

This month was the first time that mummy and daddy went on a date without you. Aunt Bradi, Cheva and Pop-Pop watched you while we got pedicures; Babushka, Dedushka and Aunt Amy watched you while we got a massage and went to a movie. We were so spoiled! I only cried a little when we left you. :)

You still haven't rolled yet, but you are gearing up and it might happen any time now. Same with teething--no outward signs yet, but we're ready. You've just started to discover your feet. You play with them most when you're sitting up and can easily grab them. I love the zest with which you attack them. Don't believe me? We caught it on camera.

I know I said this last month, but I think this is my favorite month so far. You are just getting cuter and cuter. Mummy and daddy love you very much. We can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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