Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mummy-Daughter Date

Last week I took a day off work to hang out with my favorite girl. We don't get a ton of alone time, and I thought that it would be fun to just be together. I had grand plans: lunch and a movie. It went...OK. I would give it a solid C+. A lot of the day was really fun, but some parts were downright miserable. 

Our Day:
Started off happy!

Decided she didn't want the mac and cheese she ordered because, "it has cheese on it." No problem! You can have my pad thai instead.

Just the two of us for a mid-afternoon screening of Beauty and the Beast. We even got popcorn!

The movie was great! So great that she didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, I needed a 15-minute break in the car to pump before we could continue on our day of fun. That was a non-starter for her. So here's how we ended up:

After a solid performance, she tired herself out with her tantrum and finally fell asleep (around 1.5 hours in).

Good news, the nap helped! When she woke up, she was marginally happier. Talk of arts and crafts outside pepped her up even more.

What can I say other than, this is three. 


  1. Stay strong, enjoy the threes....she is one strong minded young lady.... and America needs their first female
    Resident to be strong minded