Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dear Zahara: 4 years

If I were writing this for your fortieth birthday rather than your fourth, it would sound something like this:

Dear Zahara,

I knew from the time you were a little girl how well you would do in life. The fact that you are where you are today is no coincidence. Your determination, confidence, intelligence, creativity, humor--these are your bedrocks. This is what got you into the school you wanted to go to; into the job others said was impossible to get; that promotion that seemed unobtainable; that partner who gives you just what you need. You are relentless. You go after what you want--and always have. You know who you are and are not afraid to express it. I love that about you.

But you are more than your determination. You are funny and creative too! Sure, you aren't a famous artist or ballet dancer, but just like me, you feel contentment in working creatively with your hands: painting, coloring, baking. I am so pleased that your love for reading continues to thrive. When you were younger we couldn't read often enough! Any moment of down time was an opportunity for a book. 

You love your brother fiercely. I have loved watching the two of you grow up. I never doubted that you would be good friends though. You've loved him from the first time you saw him. Even during our toughest times when you would be yelling and screaming at me and daddy, you were always so good with Asher. 

I love that we have the type of relationship where we can be super silly and make up songs, share inside jokes, go for dinner and drinks, but we can also turn to each other for emotional support. Even when you were little you used to ask me how I was feeling, ask daddy how his day was, and get concerned if someone wasn't doing well.That's not to say it was always roses. You really put us through the wringer at 3. Lots of tantrums. Lots of attitude. Lots of tears. But, we got through it and were better for it.

Anyone who knew you growing up would always say the same thing: "she's going to rule the world one day." And here you are, doing just that! Happy 40th birthday, my love! 


Mummy and Daddy

Back in the present, here are a few more things I don't want to forget.

Things you love: your preschool (Silver Spring Learning Center), learning Hebrew, doing ballet and yoga, reading, eating, your stuffed animal Kai, TV, Moana.

Things you hate: getting up in the morning, going potty, getting in your car seat, being away from us, sleeping in your bed, going to bed without your "party platter" of food.

There are so many things we proud of you for that they can't all fit in this post. Stay tuned for part 2.

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