Monday, July 31, 2017

We Have Walls!

Last time I updated you on the house, we had just broken ground. It's amazing how quickly a house can come together because now, just a couple of months later, we have walls!

We've been heading to the site every couple of weeks to check on the progress. I am just in awe of this whole process. About a month ago the house looked like this, with just the beginnings of the foundation.

Then, a couple of weeks later we had the frame of the house up. One of my favorite moments so far has been making the house our own by marking our rooms. Asher is too young to do it himself, but Zahara did a great job writing her name on her new closet. I love the idea that years from now, even though it will be hidden beneath layers of paint, drywall, and insulation, our names will be sealed inside the house forever.

Things are progressing rapidly now. Our closing date is September 5, but the house will be ready for inspection on August 30. That means just one more month to go! They've started tiling the bathrooms, installing the cabinets, painting the trim, and hanging the doors.

They also hung the siding and bricks.

Pretty soon they will move on to installing the light fixtures, finishing the cabinets, and installing the flooring. It's down to the finishing touches!

I am getting so excited to move, but there's still a ton of things to do on this end. I'm getting a bit anxious over that to-do list, which includes very minor things like PACK UP MY ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD OF FOUR PEOPLE AND TWO CATS. Oh, and find a renter who wants to live here for the next few years. You know, no big deal.

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