Sunday, July 2, 2017

Why We're Proud of You, Zahara

Zahara, you are such a special girl. You are so clever and insightful. You're always listening, even when you're pretending you're not. You hear and internalize everything! There are so many things that make us proud of you. Here are just a few:

Reading and Writing
You have always loved reading from the time you were a baby. We would sit for hours on that green sofa facing Leeds Road reading The Gruffalo, Cat in the Hat, or a million other books. While you still can't read on your own yet, you're starting to recognize words. And you're getting really good at writing some letters. I love your excitement and enthusiasm. You'll be reading and writing on your own in no time!

Your drawings are really coming along! For a long time daddy and I had to pretend to know what it is we were looking at (sorry, but it's true!). Now though, we can tell what you're drawing. It usually comes with an amazing back story. Like the cat that was outlined in purple but filled in green--it was a purple cat wearing a green costume, of course!

You are such a water baby. You LOVE the beach and the swimming pool, and we've been lucky enough to get a lot of exposure to both this year. Ever since we got you the water floaties you've been fearless in the pool. We love watching you develop those skills.

Babushka and Dedushka got you a balance bike last year. You've enjoyed it, but this summer you're really starting to get how to use it. Our driveway has a little slope, and you've perfected the glide down the hill.

Being a Big Sister
You are so sweet to your brother--even when he's pulling your hair or stealing your toys. Thank you for being such a big helper!

This is only a small glimpse in to all the things we are proud of you for. You may give us grief at times, but you're so, so worth it! We love you!

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