Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dear Asher: 12 Months

Happy birthday sweet Asher! You are one year old today! It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that my little baby is a toddler now. What a strange feeling knowing that I don't, and won't, have any more babies.

Asher, I can't even explain to you the effect you have on people. You are just the sweetest, happiest baby. Your chubby little cheeks are magnets for people's pinching fingers. They can't help themselves. Your stick straight, wispy hair always makes people chuckle--especially when it looks like you've stuck your fingers in an electrical outlet.

You are constantly on the go now. You love cruising around furniture and exploring your surroundings. You're not a fan of having to sit still--especially for diaper changes. You haven't taken any steps yet, but you're just starting to stand on your own a little bit. I've only seen you do it once so far, but it was pretty exciting.

You are learning how to wave, clap, and blow kisses. It's absolutely adorable watching you put your chubby little hand to your mouth and try and blow. You also try and imitate anything that your sister does. So when she's pretending to be a cat (yes, that's a thing), you also come crawl to my lap and demand to be pet.

You've got a mouth full of teeth! You have eight, with a couple more on the way. These last few have been pretty rough for you. As usual, you've been a champ, but we can tell that you're not loving it. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

You're going through a picky phase with food. You still LOVE food, just like the rest of your family, but you're showing clear preferences and dislikes. Lately, your favorites are cheerios, veggie straws, any fruit, and meat. You lose your mind over bananas, and you throw anything green on the ground.

You and your sister still get along great (and it melts my heart when she comes over to give you a kiss), but you're starting to act like a traditional little brother--namely, by annoying her. She'll be coloring at her art desk and you can't help but come up to see what she's doing. Despite her numerous warnings to leave her alone, you just keep crawling back and pulling up to see her.

Other quick facts about you: your favorite thing in the world is the TV remote. You're going through a bit of separation anxiety and only want to be with me. You are still sleeping through the night (thank you!!). You weigh 24 pounds. You love baths and pools.

Asher, we love you to the moon and back. Happiest of happy birthdays!

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  1. Happy birthday Asher, where has 12 months gone, you will be so happy to read your mummy's blogs when you get older just as we all do. We can't wait to hear about your next 12 months and the adventures you get up to. Lots of love from Great Britain xxx