Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Asher's 3rd Birthday!

Asher turned 3! To celebrate this milestone, we had a small party at our house with my Holy Cross mom's group friends. We've been meeting once a month for the last 3 years, since our babies were born! It's amazing how much they've all grown.

We went pretty low-key for this celebration, with a breakfast spread and play date. Thank you Costco for all of your amazing offerings! We had bagels with cream cheese and whitefish; croissants with jams; fruit and veggies. Easy and delicious!

I broke out my decorations from Sarah and Kyle's bon voyage party years ago and had all the moms sign a passport for Asher. Each kid got to keep a passport and some travel stickers. I also got little airplane whistles at the Dollar store for them to take home.

It was great watching the kids run around, play together, and get messy with cake!

Happy birthday, Asher! We love you! 

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