Saturday, July 27, 2019

Dear Asher: 3 Years

Dear Asher,

Happy third birthday! This was such a fun year, and it's incredible how much you've grown. It seems like overnight you went from a baby to a little boy. Physically, of course, you've changed a lot. But emotionally and creatively you've grown leaps and bounds. You have real preferences and opinions on most things now, and you aren't afraid to express them.

Some of your favorite things include cooking, swimming, playing with cars, and loving/fighting with your sister. I've been really impressed with your interest in the kitchen, actually. Any time I'm cooking, you demand that we pull your learning tower over so that you can help. You've gotten really good at making eggs--truly! You crack the eggs, whisk them, pour them into a pan, and stir them in the pan. Of course I'm supervising, but you're really good at it and don't want a lot of help ("I do it!"). Pretty soon, I'll expect breakfast in bed :)

Another way you've shown your independence is through potty training. At 2.5 years old you just decided you were ready. One day you demanded underwear and wouldn't wear diapers anymore (except for naps and overnight). You've had maybe a handful of accidents since then. Once you decide to do something, you do it fully.

You're still sleeping in your crib, but for your 3rd birthday you're getting a big-boy bed (thanks to babushka, dedushka, and mommy, and daddy). It's nice to have you contained, but we know those days are numbered.

You are talking up a storm. You're constantly asking questions--"why" is your favorite word at the moment. You are so inquisitive, but you also just like to keep the conversation going. Jokes are another thing you're figuring out. You're absolutely rubish at them, but you still manage to crack us all up, including yourself. You're first joke: "Knock, knock. Who's there? Diaper Truck." Cue maniacal laughter.

The funniest thing you've said recently is when I said, "Asher, you're cute." You said, "I'm not cute, I'm the cutest."  You've also been calling me gorgeous lately, which I'm absolutely loving.

You are so full of personality. People can't help but to fall in love with you! I love watching you play with friends, with Nori, and especially your sister. You guys are classic siblings, always either fighting or playing. No middle ground. But when you are playing, you guys are so sweet to each other. I hope you always have this close of a relationship.

Asher, we love you to the moon and back and are so happy you are ours. Happy third birthday, and many more!


mommy and daddy

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