Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Night on the Reef

Our tour bus picked us up at 7:40 this morning to take us to the dive shop.  Unfortunately because of my ears I can't dive, but I am able to snorkel.  We got on a boat that drove for about an hour and a half to the reef.  Dan had his intro dive instructions and I just hung out on the deck.  While Dan did his first dive I did a reef tour with a snorkel guide.

The Great Barrier Reef definitely lived up to the hype.  It is absolutely amazing!  I saw trumpet fish, puffer fish (including a baby puffer fish!), clams, angel fish, sea cucumbers, huge parrot fish, trout, and so much more!  The reef is so shallow at parts that I was literally swimming within inches of the coral.  I've never been snorkeling somewhere where the view is so clear and everything is so close.  Although Dan had an amazing time during his dives, the view he saw wasn't much different than mine.  Later in the day he did see a whaler shark and a sea turtle though!  I've just never seen so many colors of coral and of fish.  The water is spectacular--bright blue with perfect visibility; the pictures do not do it justice. We got so lucky with the weather.  It's gorgeous!  Hot--but gorgeous.

After a couple more snorkels and dives, we transferred to our overnight boat.  After dinner a few people did a night dive and the boat turned on a bright light out of the dive deck.  All sorts of huge fish came out, including four sharks!  They were whaler sharks so they are harmless, but it was definitely an impressive sight.  We got to watch them and the jelly fish and other fish for about an hour.

It's Purim today, so Dan and I read the Megilla and called it a night.  Dan's doing an early morning dive (6:00 a.m.) so we can snorkel together in the afternoon.

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