Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Are Now a Hostel-Free Family

We didn't have too much time this morning before catching our flight to Cairns, but we made the most of it.  Our airport shuttle was going to pick us up at the hotel at 12:40.  We wanted to check the Internet and call home and see the harbor bridge.  I'm shocked that we were actually able to do it all.

We basically ran our way through the streets of Sydney.  I'm so in love with this city.  It is so walkable.  We walked straight up George Street and made a quick detour to Darling Harbor.  They were celebrating Chinese New Year with a dragon boat race.  We stayed for a couple of minutes to watch the first heat of the race.  It was so energetic.

We made our way to the bridge and decided not to do the $200(!!) bridge climb.  Instead, we paid around $10 each to climb the pylon to a fantastic lookout of the harbor and the opera house.  The view was really incredible.  And it was just the perfect day for it too--bright blue skies!  We were short on time so we raced back to our hotel in time to catch our shuttle to the airport.

We caught our flight to Cairns with no problem.  The Sydney domestic airport is really nice.  Tons of stores and food shops and very clean.  The weird thing is we didn't have to show our ID even once between Sydney and Cairns.  Not to check in bags, not to check in, not through security, not to board our plane.

We got to Cairns and were picked up by our hostel.  Dan and I have decided we are a hostel-free family from now on.  We're just too old to be staying in a backpacker's den.  The first room they showed us had four bunk beds.  Obviously it was a mistake, but our double-with no TV and a bathroom door that didn't close--wasn't much better.

On our way to dinner we walked along the esplanade, which was really beautiful.  Cairns has these big gas grills every few feet, it seems, and they're free for public use.  There was also a huge public swimming pool right next to the ocean.  It was so cool!

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