Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing Hooky With the Hubby

To reward ourselves for two very successful guest visits, Dan and I decided to play hooky yesterday. He took the day off work and I took the day off cleaning bathrooms :) It was fantastic! We stayed in bed until 10:00. He played on the computer and I watched mindless TV for a while, and then we went to an afternoon movie and dinner.

Making popcorn for the movie

Have you been to the movies in the afternoon recently? If not, you really should. It's awesome. No one is there! We had the whole theater to ourselves!

Where's Dan?

There he is!

We saw the Avengers and it was awesome. I am not a big comic book fan, but it didn't matter at all. I've seen the Thor and Captain America movies, so I was at least familiar with some of the characters. The Iron Man series is now on my must-see list. I was really surprised by how much I liked Robert Downey Junior's character.

After the movie we went to dinner at a vegetarian Indian restaurant called Prashad. Apparently this restaurant appeared on a Gordon Ramsay TV competition called "Ramsay's Best Restaurant" in 2010.

We had pethis (spicy coconut balls in a potato dough); papadom and chutneys; paneer massala (Indian cheese in an onion base); chole (chick peas in a tomato and onion base); and mango lassis (a sweet yogurt drink).


All in all, it was a fun, relaxing day, and was just what we needed!

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