Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wine and Cheese Party

A couple of months ago Dan and I hosted a small wine and cheese party. I found a deal on Groupon for a six-person wine tasting for only £19. It included a guide who comes to your house and samples twelve wines. What a steal!

The party was supposed to be just a casual get-together with friends. You know that's not how I roll though. It's a sickness. We bought four kinds of specialty cheese, plus one round of Camembert that we baked with an onion chutney. We made bruschetta , artichoke dip, beet chutney, and these AMAZING cupcakes. One of the guests also brought hummus and veggies and I set out some fruit and crackers.

This picture does not do it justice; it was delicious!

This party was a great excuse to try out my new chalkboard platter! I love the way it looks, but I did have some issues with chipping. I have to solve that before I use it again.

The wine sampling was really fun. Our guide, Ray, was knowledgeable and interesting. I didn't love any of the wines, but the other two couples did. They ended up buying a ton of wine at really reasonable rates.

It was such a fun evening. I definitely want to have another wine and cheese party soon!


  1. Whatever did inspire you to hold a wine party combined with cheese cupcakes? It's like mixing in the classy mood with a twist of fun. It's a good mixture anyway so good job on creating the idea.

  2. That's exactly what the evening was...classy with a twist of fun! I didn't make cheese cupcakes though (but that sounds interesting!). They were yellow cake with chocolate chip cookie dough inside. So good!!