Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Badasses in Birmingham

I'm so proud of my badass S.O.S. girls who ran an awesome half-marathon this weekend!

Rachel, Karen, Alisha and Katie

Ten of us (the girls, their spouses, and Dan and I), drove to Birmingham, England on Saturday afternoon for a quick weekend. We didn't have a lot of time for sight-seeing, but we had plenty of time for eating. Just because I wasn't running the race didn't mean that I couldn't carbo-load!

We found an all-you can-eat sushi restaurant for our first dinner. Can we say heaven?

Stuffing our faces with sushi

I ate so much sushi that I felt physically ill the rest of the night. Seriously. I miss sushi a lot.

Our second dinner was a more classic pre-race dinner: Italian. I was still pretty full, so I just got a little dessert...ha!

Dough balls with Nutella and hot chocolate

Race day was a lot of fun for both the racers and spectators. There were more than 18,000 runners! Several runners dressed in full costume.

My girls did great! It was Alisha's first half-marathon and she blazed through it! Katie and Rachel both had personal bests and Karen had a fantastic race.

Katie at the finish line

Rachel and Karen at the finish line

The girls definitely lived up to their "badass" nicknames. Well done ladies!!

The badasses

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  1. I always feel famous when you include me in your blog! Thanks again for coming all the way to Birmingham just to cheer us on. You are such a supportive, caring friend! Now, let's get some running shoes on your feet, and I will try to be your biggest cheerleader.