Monday, October 29, 2012

Picking Up A New Hobby

As you know, my S.O.S. friends have been on quite the running kick lately. Fresh off the thrill of watching them complete another half-marathon, Dan shocked me by announcing he'd like to start running. Once he said he would, I knew it was only a matter of time before I caved too. If I'm going to start running, I might as well be pro-active about it and do it on my terms.

The crew after their half-marathon

I really believe that attitude makes such a difference in day-to-day experiences. If you choose to be happy, generally you will be. So, with that in mind, I decided to have a positive attitude about running. After all, it's my choice. No one is forcing me to run (except maybe Karen).

The day after agreeing to go on a trial run, Karen, Alisha and Rachel all showed up at my front door at 9:00 a.m. sharp. I've never seen these girls so on-time. I'm pretty sure they thought if they didn't show up right away I might lose my nerve...ha!

We did two miles around my neighborhood, and it went so much better than expected! We ran at around a 10-minute/mile pace. I definitely was not going for speed; I just wanted to make it through the run without throwing up! This pace felt pretty good for me though. I was shocked to see that I actually did the whole run without stopping. I guess all my Jillian Michaels workouts are paying off!

The run went so well that I thought I'd press my luck. I actually scheduled a second, third and fourth run! I did the second run on Saturday and it was definitely harder than the first run. Partly because I was still sore from the first run, and partly because it was much colder--there was snow on the ground! I still did it though.

Snow for my second run

I'm not sure that I'll become a runner, but I'm proud of myself for trying something new. I'll keep you posted on how this goes. Thanks for the motivation S.O.S. girls!


  1. What's this about becoming a runner? Do you run? More than a mile? Then, you are a runner, and more than that, you are a natural! You ran two miles on your very first day, and even though you were a bit sore, you went out to run the second time on a light dusting of snow. I would like to say, "you're welcome for the motivation" but you did this yourself. I was going to follow up on my running post for your blog as a guest contribution, but I think you should do that on your own.

  2. You can't get out of it that easily, readers (i.e. my mom) still wants to hear about your second half marathon!

  3. A ten min pace is nothing to sneeze at! Love that you are giving running a shot!