Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Very Colorful Nursery

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of bright colors. My wedding invitations were pink and orange and the tables were decorated with fresh bell peppers, limes and strawberries. My college roommate even knitted me a rainbow blanket once.* When it came time to decorate a nursery for Zahara, I knew my "theme" would be colors. Lots and lots of colors. I am completely enamored with the way it turned out. Zoey's not sleeping in here yet, but we love coming in here to get dressed and read books in the morning.

Let's take a little tour, shall we? First up is the gallery wall. My mom and I worked on this when she came to town in August. Everything on the wall has special meaning, and almost everything is DIY'd.

  1. Picture of a manhole cover in Zahara, Spain. It was the only memento we could get since we were completely rained out. 
  2. Cardboard Z. This was so easy to make. I'll show you how on an upcoming post.
  3. Frames that my friend Karen made for our meet-the-baby shower.
  4. My favorite maternity picture, taken by my friend Sarah.
  5. Fun fabric owl that my mom and I made.
  6. Duct tape Z, by my best friend Katie.
  7. Beatrix Potter Z. This is especially cool since Beatrix Potter wrote her famous tales in Northern England.
  8. Cork from celebratory champagne the morning after Z was born.
  9. Pictures that Deanna took of a newborn Zahara. My mom and I updated the frame with fabric.
  10. Handmade wooden sign from Whitby, England.
  11. The hat Zoey wore home from the hospital. 

To the left of the gallery wall I finally found the perfect spot for my scrap fabric map.

Zoey can lay in her crib and stare at the map, the gallery wall and a homemade mobile. I found this fun pink ball at a thrift shop for only a couple of bucks. Then I used dental floss to hang my mobile below it. This was a fun, easy and cheap project. I'll blog about it soon(ish).

I created a little reading corner with a rocking chair, a couple of IKEA spice racks, and a wire bathroom caddy-turned bookshelf.

I picked up these awesome colored lights in France last year. I am completely obsessed with them.

Hebrew blocks spell out Zahara

Rounding out the room we have her dresser/changing table with the fun banner from her meet-the-baby party.

Since the walls are papered and we're renting the house, we couldn't paint. I think we managed to infuse fun, bright colors into the room anyway. This room makes me so happy. I hope that Zahara enjoys it as much as I do!

*Funny story about the rainbow blanket. Katie had just taken up knitting and was excited to make me a birthday present. Knowing my love for all-things colorful, Katie decided to make me a rainbow. Things were looking great after the red, orange and yellow. When she got to the green, that's when she realized that she inadvertently made me a gay pride flag. Figuring she might as well go all-in, Katie finished the blanket and added rainbow tassels around the edge. I mean, why not?

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  1. That is such a whimsical space you've created for Zoey! It seems like all your ideas came to fruition. Looks great!


    PS: I love that some of her meet-the-baby party decorations have dual usage for the nursery!