Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear Zahara: 3 Months

Dear Zahara,

Happy three-month birthday! Many people told me how quickly this time would pass, but I really didn't understand what they meant until now. In many ways, you are a totally different baby than you were a couple of months ago.

Life has definitely gotten easier this month. Thank you for that! The main difference is that you are now sleeping well. You go to sleep around 9:45 pm and you usually stay asleep until around 5:30 or 6:00. Then you'll go back to sleep until around 8:00. We all are so much happier with more sleep.

You've hit a lot of new developmental milestones this month. Firstly, you found your other hand. Now you spend a lot of time trying to put both fists in your mouth at the same time, and steepling your hands like some tiny evil villain.

The cutest thing about you this month is that you've found your voice. You are constantly cooing and practicing talking to mummy and daddy. No real words yet, but combined with your giant gummy smile, you are now an irresistible force of cuteness.

You are also getting really good at holding up your head. You especially love when daddy or I hold you so you can use your muscles to look out the window. You love watching the cars go by.

You've become much more aware this month. You easily recognize mine and daddy's voices and will turn your head to find us. I love that so much. Though you're still sleeping in our room, we've been spending more time in your nursery. You love looking at all the bright colors and shapes in your mobile and gallery wall. It makes me so happy to see you grinning and cooing.

We've become quite active this month, with an activity scheduled almost every day. On Mondays we do Pushy Mothers in the park. That is still really fun and good for mummy. On Tuesdays we do Baby Sensory, where we learn sign language; massage; and other fun activities. Wednesdays and Fridays are our "free days" when we often catch up with friends and try and do chores around the house. Thursdays we have our swim class. You really are starting to love this. Last class you worked so hard that you fell asleep in the pool at the end! It was absolutely adorable.

Though you are getting more smiley and giggly by the minute, you also went through a pretty significant mental and physical growth spurt last week. It was not fun for anyone. You were only happy in mummy or daddy's arms. You also caught your first cold, which meant a few very miserable days for everyone. Happily, you're on the mend and back to your smiley self.

Happy birthday baby! Daddy and I love you very much!

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  1. Happy birthday to our favorite granddaughter, Zahara. If at any time you do noot feel like you are getting the attention you desire you just send GMom or PopPop and email and we will come get you. I know that you are smart enough to know who to do that.
    Huggs and Kisses