Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dear Zahara: 12 Months

Dear Zahara,

Happy first birthday! It continuously amazes me how quickly you are growing into a young girl. You really aren't a baby any more--though of course you'll always be my baby.

You've had a lot of big developments this month, but the biggest is that you're starting to stand by yourself more frequently and with more confidence. It isn't happening all the time, but for a few seconds at a time you'll stand without holding on to anything. You also started "cruising" around the room using furniture.Daddy and I think you'll be walking in the next few weeks. How will we ever keep up with you then?!

This month you started giving real kisses! Sure, they're pretty sloppy, but you give them with purpose and joy. I can't get enough of them.

You've still got five teeth. We thought more would have come in by now, but teething is hard work. Hopefully a couple more will pop through in the next few weeks. You've been showing signs of new teeth for a while. Sorry it's hurting you, but thanks for dealing with it so bravely.

We had your one-year check-up where we were told you are absolutely perfect (in so many words). You are in the 75 percentile for weight, which is where you've been since day one. You're a great, and adventurous eater. I really hope that continues. Daddy and I love trying new foods with you on all of our travels.

Speaking of travels, you've now been to thirteen countries!! Not many one-year-olds can say that. Though you won't remember specifics, I hope you do remember that the world is a big and exciting place. There is so much to see and new friends to make. Please don't lose your sense of wonder.

Zahara, our lives would not be complete without you. I am so lucky to have spent this whole year experiencing each smile, crawl, giggle--and yes, a few tears. This year was a gift; life won't be the same once we move back to the States. I am so grateful for the friends we've made, the trips we've taken, and the time I've had just to be your mummy. Daddy and I love you so much and can't wait to see what this next year brings! Happy first birthday Zoey bug!

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  1. We are so fortunate to live in an age that allows us to share in these wonderful events a world apart. It was so nice to actually be part of Zahara's first birthday. To watch her stick her fingers in the cake and wonder just exactly what that was.
    You will never have a first birthday again, it is now a joyous memory for all of us. G-Mom and I hope that next year we can share your second birthday with you in person. We are so happy that your mummy and daddy will finally re patriot you.
    All my love