Monday, June 23, 2014

Little Lamb Baby Shower

My friends Adrienne and Zach are expecting their little boy any day now. You might remember Adrienne's dresser that she shared on the blog a while back. A couple of weekends ago another friend and I, Carla, hosted a baby shower to help give these first-time parents some things to get their new life started.

We went with a loose theme that hits close to home--lambs in Yorkshire. The decorations were simple. I made rustic burlap bunting and appliqued "Baby Boy" with Heat n'Bond and some scrap fabric. Carla used an adorable sheep die to make sheep garlands and to garnish the instructions for our craft station.

Guests used fabric markers to decorate baby bibs for Zach and Adrienne's little guy. I made this one with the British flag.

Going with our Yorkshire theme, we served fresh scones with cream and jam; cucumber and cheese and chutney sandwiches; along with some delicious quiches, cupcakes and a chocolate cake.

We played a cute game where guests had to guess the names of various baby animals, and the person who got the most right got a prize. Did you know that a baby fish is called a fry? Or that a baby chimpanzee is called an infant? Me either.

Adrienne and Zach got some great gear for their son, and everyone had a great time.

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  1. This is the cutest baby shower ever! I love everything especially the bibs. The foods are so yummy!