Saturday, July 5, 2014


We decided to stay in a small apartment just outside of Kotor (in Dobrota) for the remainder of our trip. Initially I wanted to stay near Budva--the main beach town, but Kotor offered better accommodation for the three of us. We stayed within walking distance to Kotor and had a small "beach" in front of our place. It was very rocky, and pretty cold, but Dan and Zahara made the most of it between rain storms.

Kotor is a beautiful walled town. I have seen a fair amount of walled cities, but I've never seen walls like these. They are practically vertical! It took us over an hour to go almost all the way to the top. We stopped short because the trail got a bit more precarious (loose rocks) and we needed to feed Zoey. It is definitely worth the time though; the views were fantastic!

We took a two-hour boat tour around the bay. It was open to others, but we were the only ones who joined that tour, so it ended up being just us. The boat had a lower deck with windows below the water. You couldn't really see anything (nowhere near as clear as Scotland), but Zoey loved it anyway. And the captain even let Zoey drive!

One of the best things about Montenegro is the food. It is not vegetarian friendly, but thankfully we eat fish. We easily ate an entire school in our week there. The fish can be prepared in a number of ways, but it is always very fresh--usually it was caught that day. The two best restaurants we ate in in Kotor were Galion and Bastion. The first is pretty swanky. It's right on the water, has white table clothes and fancy waitstaff. The second is pretty much the opposite. It is small and a little grungy, with kind of unprofessional waiters. But the food in both places was amazing. At Bastion they brought us a platter of fish from which to chose, and you couldn't smell a thing. The eyes were completely clear. But the best part was that the waiter actually took Zahara to play while we were eating! She was right next to us, but it gave us a little break.


Fisherman cleaning mussels

If I had to do it all over again, I think I would stay in Dobrota again. It was a perfect base for exploring the area.

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