Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Moving Day

As I mentioned yesterday, we are officially out of our Harrogate house and are now living in a temporary apartment for the next few weeks. Though we were fortunate enough to have movers do the actual moving for us, the whole process was still pretty intense. I am glad it's (mostly) over!

We spent several weeks preparing for the move by selling or donating things we no longer need, and by packing things we will need before we get our household goods in September. We will be in temporary housing for five weeks, and then are taking a tour of the US for three weeks before finally settling back in Washington, DC. So, we needed to pack clothes, toys, and everything else we may need for two months; two continents and seven cities!

I'm thankful we were able to sell most things, including our outdoor furniture; kitchen table and chairs (both sets!); and lots of British appliances.

On our moving day, we decided to put Zahara in daycare for the first time. It would be too difficult to have her underfoot the whole day. She needs a lot of attention, and we wouldn't be able to give it to her while watching the movers work. I was worried about her getting in the way of all the heavy furniture lifting too.

We also wanted to put her in daycare so she could start getting used to being away from me. I am hoping to get a job when I get back to the States, and she will definitely need to be in daycare then. Putting her in the daycare at Dan's work was pretty low-risk, since I was only 20 minutes away from her and could easily come get her if needed. Once we put her in daycare in the States, it will not be as easy to get to her.

Moving day went really well. The movers were very professional and efficient. It took two of them a total of ten hours over the course of two days. The second day was just loading the boxes into the crates, and they got help from two other guys. It took less than three hours to fit all of our worldly possessions into five and a half crates.

The only hitch in our move was when we almost lost Nori. It happened a few times where we thought she was locked in one part of the house but then we couldn't find her. The worst time was when we literally looked everywhere in our completely empty house and couldn't find her. We looked outside too, but no such luck. We had to pick Zahara up from daycare and were starting to panic. Dan even checked the bag of dirty cat litter that he had just thrown out in case he missed a cat in the bag. Ha! We finally found her in a closed cabinet that she had accessed from behind the washing machine.

On to our next adventure!

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