Sunday, July 13, 2014

Zahara's First Birthday Party

Zahara's first birthday has come and gone, but I can't let it go without telling you about our amazing day. When she first woke up, we filled her crib with "happy birthday" balloons and let her free. I wasn't sure how she'd react, if at all, but she loved them! She kept trying to bounce on them/hug them and then would giggle as they flew out of her reach.

We had a small party at home with some of Zoey's friends. This year definitely would not have been the same without the yoga babies. I am going to miss them so much when we leave later this summer.

I tried to reign it in and not go overboard with decorating. I made some simple bunting and spread the balloons around the house. We turned the living room into a play room by moving the coffee table out and layering down blankets and toys. It was chaos, but the babies loved it!

Every month for the past year I've been taking pictures of Zoey in the same outfit on the same blanket (thanks Aunt Katie!). I printed all those pictures out and hung them on a clothes line. I also added some of her memorable outfits, like the dress she wore at her baby naming and meet-the-baby party.

We had a simple barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and watermelon. The baby-friendly burgers were a hit.

I made simple, personalized gift bags filled with treats to thank everyone for coming. Don't laugh, but that blue plastic ball is actually a dog toy! Zahara loves it though.

Dan made the most amazing cakes for the party. He made one for everyone and a special "smash cake" for Zahara. Knowing how messy and enthusiastic Zoey normally is around food, we were sure that she would take the term smash cake literally. I even changed her into a different outfit thinking her party dress would get ruined. Wouldn't you know, this was the one time Zahara decided to act lady-like.

Everyone sang happy birthday to her--including all four grandparents via Google hangout--and then she very gingerly dipped her finger into the icing and into her mouth. Deciding that she liked it, she did the same delicate move again. Finally, I stuck her hand in the cake to let her know that it was OK. She kind of got the hang of it, but it definitely wasn't the reaction I thought it would be.

The best thing at the party was our photo booth. We set up a camera with a remote, put out some fun props and told people to let loose. We got some amazing shots! It's so easy to see why I love these folks.

Happy of happiest birthdays to my darling baby girl. We love you Zahara!

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  1. Happy Birthday Zahara!!! I can't believe she's 1 already!! And I can't believe I havent met her yet lol! Looks like it was a blast. Great job!!! :)