Thursday, March 10, 2016

Things I Love: Bai Bubbles

I'm not a big fan of carbonated water. And, I don't really drink a lot of cokes (sorry--soda for non-Texans). But, the other day my co-worker suggested I try this drink called Bai Bubbles. I reluctantly gave it a try, and it is AMAZING!

It tastes like Dr. Brown's Black Cherry--a drink that I absolutely love. Dr. Brown's immediately makes me think of Passover. It's kind of a weird connection, I guess. But growing up we didn't drink a lot of cokes. The one exception was during Passover when all health rules went out the window. I guess the thought was that if we can't eat bread, we might as well eat all the sugar! Ha!

Bai Bubbles only has five calories and no artificial sweeteners. It's sweet without being overly so. I actually got sad half-way through the drink because I knew it would be coming to an end. I don't see this as an every day drink for me, but I definitely plan on grabbing a can every now and then.

There are a ton of other flavors too, but this is the one that looked best to me. Have you tried this before? What do you think?

As always, this is not a sponsored post. It is just truly a product that I found and love. 

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