Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weeks 18-19!

Dates: February 17-23

Baby is the Size of a: bell pepper (approximate length and weight: 5.5 inches, 7 ounces)

How I'm Feeling: 

How I'm Changing: I'm definitely getting bigger, but I'm in that weird stage where my regular clothes don't fit and maternity clothes are still a little big. I have to try everything on each morning to make sure it still fits. It's been really annoying as I am trying to pack for my trip to Harrogate. I am planning on just bringing maternity clothes rather than risk a chance that I won't be able to zip my pants.

What I'm Eating: Now that the nausea has passed, I'm not craving carbs as much. I won't turn down a bagel, of course, but it isn't that immediate need like it was before. Now I'm back to my regular diet.

What the Baby is Doing: I am feeling the baby's movements higher, so it's clear to me that he's growing and moving up.

Dates: February 24- March 1

Baby is the Size of an: heirloom tomato (approximate length and weight: 6 inches, 8.5 ounces)

How I'm Feeling: Awesome! I have definitely hit my second trimester burst of energy. I LOVE this stage. I feel great and happy as I'm watching my bump grow. I was pretty concerned how I would hold up on my trip to Harrogate, since the agenda was non-stop action. I felt great though and didn't even feel any jet lag.

How I'm Changing: I'm definitely getting bigger and baby's kicks are getting stronger. I was in the bath this week and saw my stomach move for the first time. That was really exciting! I hope that in the next couple of weeks Dan will be able to feel the baby too.

What I'm Eating: Yorkshire tea, scones, crumpets, Welsh rarebit, and all the Cadbury and Nestle chocolate I can get my hands on. Can you tell I was in England this week?

What the Baby is Doing: It feels like the baby is line dancing in there. Lots of kicks and turns.

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