Thursday, April 5, 2012

British Invasion

I'm at the airport headed stateside for the next couple of weeks. It started off as a quick Thursday-Sunday trip to New Jersey to be in my friend's wedding. But then my parents guilted me (yes, mom and dad--that's what you did) into coming to Dallas for Passover. The only problem was that Passover was 2 weeks before I had to be in NJ for the wedding. What would I do in between?

The problem was solved when Dan got a work assignment in Washington, DC for the week after Passover. That meant I could be in Dallas for all of Passover, head to DC to see friends and former co-workers, and then be in Dina's wedding. Win-win-win!

Aside from the obvious excitement to see everyone, here's what I'm looking forward to (in no particular order):

- sushi
- Target
- Michael's
- Chipotle
- sunshine
- Kohl's
- speaking to everyone in my fake British accent

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