Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping Bonanza

Thanks to the generosity of my loving parents, my luggage just barely zipped. My mom and I went on a fantastic shopping trip to Kohl's--one of my favorite American stores. For those who look down on Kohl's, you really should give it another chance. I always find good quality clothes there. I got super hot gold shorts that will be making a regular rotation in my evening wardrobe.

*Not an accurate representation of my real purchases

We also went to DSW, another favorite of mine, and I scored three (!) new pairs of shoes!  One pair of sneakers; one cute, but practical pair of sandals; and one totally unnecessary awesome pair of BCBG platform sandals.

Power Passover lunch

A couple days later, my sister and I went to the outlet mall and scored big at Gap Outlet. I got a hole-less pair of jeans that will allow me to go out in public without fearing an indecent exposure ticket. Hooray! I also bought my first pair of jean shorts in probably 10 years.

All in all, I got a ton of new things that I'm excited to start wearing. Thanks mom and dad!!


  1. Now you just need the weather in England to me warm enough for your new goodies.

  2. I was really hoping those were in fact your purchases. I don't know that the gold shorts will be nearly as cool as the garments shown above.