Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things Not To Do in a Classroom

Did you ever play the party game Mafia? Usually two or three people are chosen to be the "mafia" and everyone else is a townsperson. At "night" the mafia secretly "murder" a townsperson. During the "day" the townspeople discuss who they think the killers are and vote to eliminate one person. The game continues until all the mafia are eliminated or the mafia outnumber the townspeople (more info here).

After my 8th graders finished their assignments, they asked if they could play another party game called Heads Up, Seven Up. They didn't have quite enough people so I suggested they played mafia. As I'm explaining the rules to them, one girl asked, "Should you be talking like this in a classroom?"

Umm...probably not. My how times have changed.

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