Friday, December 14, 2012

Math Is Fun


That's right! Dan and I are expecting! We are thrilled with the news. We're 13 weeks along and are due June 20th. My first trimester went really, really well. I didn't have any major symptoms, unlike my good friend Kate. I'm generally just feeling great.

I'll be back with more about how the British health care system is working, how I'm feeling and lots more. But don't worry, I don't plan on turning this blog into a "mommy blog." There are too many good ones out there already, and frankly that's just not my thing. I will, however, include updates on my pregnancy and the baby because that's part of my life. It will just be another aspect of my time in Yorkshire (albeit a HUGE one). I already have a bunch of travel planned between now and my third trimester, plus I have a bunch of house updates still on the agenda (MUST finish kitchen chairs!!).

As excited as I am to be able to share this news, it's nothing compared to the angst my mom has been experiencing in keeping this a secret. So here you go mom--cat's out of the bag. Take a deep breath and enjoy :)


  1. Great news! So happy for you both! xoxo -- Erin

    1. Thanks so much Erin! Glad we got to catch up!

  2. Congrats Calli to you and Dan!! I'm so, so happy for you guys!!!

  3. Such happy news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Woohoo! The cat's out of the bag!! :) So excited for you!!

  5. Angst, Schmangst.........I hardly thought about the news for the last 28 days, 4 hours and 21 minutes...

    G-Mom? T-Mom?