Monday, December 3, 2012

Non-Compensated Product Endorsement

My best friend Katie and I used to play a game in college where we would ask each other which product we love enough to endorse for free. I have a pretty long list, but at the top is Vaseline. This humble little product is my favorite thing ever. I can't go more than a few hours without it.

I use it mostly for chapped lips, but it's also great for dry skin. I carry a small tub in my purse; I have one in my nightstand and one in the bathroom. I honestly would be thrilled to lend my face, name or voice to any and all Vaseline advertisements. Is that weird? Tell me I'm not alone.

What product do you love enough to endorse it for free?


  1. I would totally endorse Maybelline mascara! I don't leave home without it! :) I love that I have multiple color options (brownish black, soft black or very black) depending on whether I want "everyday" lashes or bold lashes and they also have a Royal Blue color that everyone thinks is way more fancy and expensive than it actually is. I love it!!

    1. You always have wonderful eyelashes! I especially love when you wear the royal blue. It makes your eyes completely pop!