Monday, February 4, 2013

Farewell My Friend

It's a sad day, my friends. My Kindle is dead. After a few great years together, I stupidly leaned against it and cracked the screen. There is absolutely nothing I can do to fix this device. I am devastated.

My dead Kindle

I know that really it's just a thing and that this is a serious case of "first-world problems." At the same time, I LOVED my Kindle. I took it everywhere with me just in case I had a few minutes between appointments or while waiting for the bus. I'm currently reading a book that is almost 1,000 pages. Do you know how awesome it is to throw my Kindle in my bag instead of that huge, heavy paperback?

976 pages!

So, I need your help. I am definitely interested in getting another reading device and am leaning heavily toward the Kindle. However, with our little one coming in June, I've also been thinking about getting a tablet of some sort. Several new moms have raved about the benefits of having a tablet during those midnight feedings.

The thing is though, I love my Kindle because it feels like I'm reading a book. I like that it's not back-lit and that I can read it even in direct sunlight (not that we get a lot of that in England). But, I'm not in a 9-5 job any more and am not tied to my computer like I used to be. So maybe it wouldn't bother me as much to have a back-lit tablet.

Can you please weigh in? Do you have a tablet? Do you love it or hate it? If you were starting over, would you get a kindle and a tablet, or reduce the number of devices and just get one or the other? 

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  1. We have both an iPad and a kindle. I like both, but honestly, I find the kindle much less distracting. I am more likely to sit and read a book without checking the weather report, reading a blog, or leafing through the news, etc. I think they are different enough that I would get both. From what I hear, the kindle has come down a lot in price.