Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guest Post: Mush!

I can't explain why, but there it was on my bucket list, somewhere between "African photo safari" and "Dive the Great Reef" -- Go dog sledding. I'm a Texas girl, I don't particularly like the bitter cold, but there's something novel to me about transporting one's self via dogs. I have to thank Blair for finding this adventure. Going dog sledding is the kind of thing that made "the list" but I didn't ever talk about. It doesn't often make its way into conversation and there's no good segue. When she mentioned it as a possibility, I was thrilled!

That's how we found ourselves navigating Iceland in a rental car, with an old-school map since my GPS didn't feel like working. About an hour outside Reykjavik is a ski resort that also offers dog sledding for part of the year. It wasn't quite what I expected, but still fun all the same. 

First, the dogs are playful and love belly rubs. I kind of expected gruff, focused dogs, not cute fluffy ones. Second, there's lots and lots and lots and lots of peeing -- even when they're running (something about marking the trail). Third, the dogs speak English. Finally, sometimes, the lead dog goes off the path and you have to get off the sled and coax (or physically move) them back to the trail. It was an experience of a lifetime and I'm still amazed that five medium-sized dogs were able to pull 3 adults on a 10km (ahem 6ish mile) path. 

Here is picture proof of our second big adventure in Iceland, complete with mountain views.


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