Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travel Tip: Keep a Toiletry Bag Packed

Little known fact about me: I am an avid traveler that hates packing. I will do almost anything to avoid it, meaning most of my packing gets done at the very last minute. Dan especially hates this "quirk" of mine since he is the one listening to me gripe days before our trip. I'm over on Tripwolf again giving my tip for making packing a little easier. Hope it helps you too.

Travel Tip: Keep a Toiletry Bag Packed
For as much as I love to travel, I absolutely HATE packing. Before any trip, no matter the length or destination, I turn a little bit grumpy as I have to plan out what to bring. I’m actually a really good packer and constantly surprise my friends and family with the amount I’m able to squeeze in. Nonetheless, it just seems like such a chore to me. With an average of around one trip a month, you can see how this is a problem.

Travel toothbrushes [source]

One way I’ve lessened the burden of packing is by always keeping a toiletry bag packed. By this I mean an airline-approved quart-sized bag full of liquids that total less than 3 ounces. This is such a simple concept, but it revolutionized my routine. It is so easy to just grab one bag full of all the odds-and-ends that normally kept me scrambling until the last minute. Everyone’s toiletry bag will look different, but here is what’s in mine.

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  1. I do the same! My bag also has lotion (face/body), body wash and hairspray! It definitely makes things a lot easier. And by buying a mini-bottle of a product I already use and refilling it when needed (instead of buying generic bottles and filling those), I never have to guess what's in each bottle! :)

  2. You really are running out of things to post. Come on baby!