Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Zahara's First Holiday Party

I have been lucky enough to make some great friends while here in Harrogate. I am especially grateful for all the friends I met through my pregnancy yoga class. One of my American friends recommended the class to me as a way of learning how to cope with pregnancy and labor, but also as a way to meet other pregnant women. She said many of her "mom" friends are women she met in that class. I feel exactly the same way.

It is so wonderful to have a group of friends who are going through exactly what you are. Two of my friends' babies were born just days away from Zahara (one is two days older, the other two days younger). Of the seven of us who see each other regularly, the largest age gap for the babies is only twelve weeks!

Last week we all got together at our friend Kristiina's house for a little holiday party. All the babies dressed up, she put out a delicious spread and we had a fun Secret Santa exchange. Zoey was the only one in a non-holiday-themed outfit, but she put on her best party dress.

Everyone had a great time, until we tried to take a group picture. We lined up all seven babies on the couch. Six of the babies were absolutely fine; one was screaming her beautiful little head off. Can you guess which one?

This is my favorite picture. It looks like Chloe (the elf on the left) is saying to Olivia, "What's up with this baby?"

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  1. It was so great and our resident princess was soooo cute! I love dancing with her! X