Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another Baby Pool Contest

UPDATE: Well, this is awkward...but I think I'm the winner of this baby pool. Asher was born on July 27th, weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces. No one, not even me, predicted what a giant baby he would be. But I did guess the right date. Thanks to everyone who played!

Just like I did last time, I'm running another contest to see when Baby Boy Levin will arrive. I'm currently 38 weeks and four days pregnant, meaning he will definitely come some time between now and August 3rd. My doctors will likely induce me sometime in that 41st week if he doesn't come on his own.

So who wants to play a fun game? Guess when baby Levin will arrive and how big he will be. Here is some background to help with your guesses: Zahara was born 9 days late, weighing 8 pounds, 0 ounces.

To sweeten the pot (literally), I'll provide the winner with a canister of freshly made candied almonds!
  • PRIZE: One canister of homemade candied almonds
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with your guess of when baby Levin will arrive (between July 10-August 3) AND how big you think he'll be (e.g. 7 pounds 3 ounces)
  • PRIZE SHIPS: Anywhere in the world
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, August 4th or when Baby Levin arrives (whichever comes first)
The commenter with the closes guess wins. In case of multiple right guesses, one winner will be selected using Good luck!


  1. 7/18, 9-3. This is not a guess. Info from an insider.

  2. My grandson will arrive on July 23 and weigh in at 7lbs13oz. If he comes later than that the fix is in by his maternal grandmother somehow.
    The prize should be a pair of tickets to Washington DC��

  3. July 24th, 7 lbs 13 oz

  4. July 24 8lbs0 (moms birthday, dads eyes, sister Zaharas sweet disposition)

  5. July 31, 7lbs 14oz

    From Kristina Satek :)

  6. July 28 (early morning), 7 lbs 15 oz

  7. I might as well put in a guess too. I'm thinking July 27th, 8 pounds, 2 ounces.