Friday, March 30, 2012

High Tea and Castle Tour

One of the coolest parts about living in Europe is that there are tons of castles to explore! I've been to quite a few already (here, here, here, here, here); each one is unique and so interesting. This week I got the chance to have a private tour of a local castle. How cool is that?

Allerton Castle is only half an hour from where I live.  Doesn't it remind you of Downton Abbey?

Allerton Castle

In terms of castles, this one isn't that old; it's from the mid-1800s. It was built adjacent to a mansion that the Duke of York built long before that though.

Our tour guide was the castle's owner. He bought it in 1983 and has been renovating it since then. I'd say he's done an impressive job. Check out some of the bedrooms:

  I loved the billiard room and the grand lounge.

Just relaxing in my new living room

Halfway through the tour we broke for high tea. I wish I could do this every day. It was everything you want high tea to be: finger sandwiches cut into triangles with the crust cut off; scones with clotted cream and jam; victoria sponge cake; and macaroons.  Yum!

Don't you wish this was your dining room? I am completely in love with the paint color and the ceiling details.

After lunch I saw the coolest chair I've ever seen. It's even cooler than my telephone chair (sorry buddy!). It's called a "courting chair" and is from the 1700s. Here it is looking prim and proper:

And here's what happens when mom and dad leave the room:

The chairs swivel towards each other! Can you believe this chair has been in use since the late 1700s?!

The icing on the cake were the views outside the castle. High tea, a castle tour, and lambs? Does life get any better?

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  1. Next time you should wear fancy hats to your high tea! :)