Friday, March 23, 2012

Success and Master Bedroom Mini-Tour

While I wouldn't declare myself a seamstress (yet), I had a second success with the sewing machine. I made another pillow, and this time there weren't even threats of violence.


Envelope Closure

Using a regular cotton fabric instead of t-shirt material made the whole thing SO much easier.  The project took me less than a couple hours, but it would have taken less if I didn't break the sewing machine.  Good thing Nick fixed it!

The pillow now lives in my bedroom, which I realized I haven't showed you yet.

What is that adorable chair in the background, you ask?  Why, it's my telephone chair!

People use to put their telephones on the table and keep their phone books in the drawer. I got it off Gumtree (UK's Craigslist) and I love it.

I'm so happy with how my sewing projects are turning out. I already know what my next project is. Hopefully I'll have details next week!


  1. Great job on the pillow and I LOVE that telephone chair -- so fun!

  2. Your bedroom looks great!! All that it needs now (in my opinion) is a cute cat.