Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sushi and Hunger Games

Yesterday was such an awesome day! It was pretty simple, but aren't those days always the best?

A few of us drove in to Leeds to watch the Hunger Games and eat sushi. We had some difficulty finding the sushi restaurant and were running short on time, so we switched plans and grabbed a "light" lunch. Of course, we were too hungry to make it an actual light lunch, so we gorged ourselves on pizza and pasta and...hey, why not...a bottle of wine.  It was indulgent, but delicious :)

We were running a bit late for the movie. Normally, there are thirty minutes of commercials before the trailers even start, so we thought we'd be fine. Unfortunately, we still missed the first few minutes. I have read the books though and I don't think we missed too much (thankfully).

The movie absolutely lived up to all the hype! I LOVED it! I won't ruin it for anyone, but it really did the book justice.

After the movie, we finally found the sushi place. We called earlier to confirm they'd be open. There was an embarrassing misunderstanding though when we got there and found out they don't close at 6 like we thought, they open at 6.  When we called and asked if they could squeeze us in at 5:45 (i.e. before they close), we were actually asking them to open early for us.  Oops.  

Thankfully, they were very nice and accommodating and the food was delicious.  I would definitely recommend Wasabi Tepanyaki in Leeds if anyone is looking for good sushi!


  1. Glad you found a sushi place!!!

    1. Me too! Too bad it's 45 minutes away :( I'll take what I can get though!