Sunday, March 24, 2013

26 Weeks!

This post is a bit delayed because I was in Spain with my parents, my sister and Dan. I was a little worried about the 3 hour flight, but it was actually fine. Dan was good about making me get up and walk around. I was even more worried about being able to keep up with the family during sightseeing, but I think they might say they had trouble keeping up with me! We had a very busy itinerary, but it was well-worth it.

As much as I love my family (and I do, a lot!), I haven't lived with them since I was 18. Any time I'm with them for an extended period of time (e.g. a whole week), I think I revert to my teenage self. Tempers flare and sarcasm reigns. Tell me I'm not alone in this, please. That might have contributed to my slight moodiness. I'll blame the pregnancy hormones though. It sounds nicer.

How far along? 26 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? None yet, but the skin on my belly is so tight that I can see a web of veins just under the surface. It looks like a blue road map to nowhere
Sleep? Not too bad, actually
Best moment of the week: Meeting my family at the gate in the Malaga airport
Miss anything? Being in Spain definitely made me want Sangria
Movement: Tons. I loved having my family feel and see it
Food cravings:  None
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Have you started to show yet? Definitely
Gender: Girl!!
Belly Button in or out? I thought it was as out as it was going to be, but it's still moving outward
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time? A little moody this week, actually
Looking forward to: Entering the "home stretch," a.k.a. the third trimester

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