Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passover Preparation

One of my absolute favorite holidays is coming next week: Passover. I know not everyone loves the cleaning, cooking and expense that goes along with it, but I'm willing to overlook those things. For me, it's about the family, the food and the stories. The Passover seder has such great stories and songs that I love telling and singing from year to year.

Last year's seder plate

I'm thrilled that this year I will again be spending Passover with my family. Last year I was in Dallas, and this year they are coming here! Since we're in Spain this week, Dan and I did most of our preparations last week. To make our lives easier, we decided to create an Excel spreadsheet for our grocery list and meal plan. We are very strict during Passover and do not eat any food that is not specifically labeled as "Kosher for Passover." That means that everything from the sugar to the cereal has to be replaced. Certain items are off-limits (anything made with grains or legumes), and other things just have to be marked.

Some people feel restricted during Passover, but I love the food. I can't wait to eat all of my favorites and try out some of these new recipes.

Passover kugel [source]

Martha Stewart's Tzimmes [source]

Passover Gnocchi [source]

Leek and Pea Quiche [source]

Do you celebrate Passover? What are you looking forward to? Also, feel free to use our shopping list if it helps you!

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