Thursday, March 7, 2013

Touring Tel Aviv

After a fantastic start in Jerusalem, we hopped in the car and headed to Tel Aviv for the day. This city is so vibrant and cosmopolitan, but Saturday isn't the best day to be there. There is a lot more to do in Tel Aviv than Jerusalem on Sabbath, but even so most of the stores are closed. We had another chance to hang out in Tel Aviv before flying out on our last day, and we got a much better view of how fun this city really is.

Walking along the coast gave us a great view of all the surfers making the most of the Mediterranean waves.

We spent the day meandering along the pier and through the cute little neighborhoods. My good friend Abigail was coincidentally in Israel too, so we managed a brief meet-up. Abigail lived in Israel for several years and comes back to visit fairly often; we used her local knowledge to find a fun evening spot. I certainly didn't complain when we ended up at Max Brenner--a fantastic chocolate shop!

Unfortunately, our visit was way too short, and Abigail had to rush off to catch her flight. Meanwhile, Sarah and I drowned our sorrows in the chocolate fondue.

Next up: Northern Israel!

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