Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First Haircut

One of the first things people always comment on when meeting Zahara for the first time is how much hair she has. She was born with a full head and it just kept on growing. Her hair is beautiful and soft with a tiny curl at the end, but it had gotten way too long. We could barely keep it out of her face; it was a struggle every morning.

A couple of weeks ago when all four grandparents were together in Dallas we took Zahara for her first haircut. It was a fun little place that specializes in kids' cuts. Zoey sat in a fun chair and watched cartoons while the stylist worked.

I wanted to be surprised by the final result, and there were so many people crowded around her already, so my dad and I sat in the waiting room up front. I'm glad I wasn't watching because the stylist took off way more hair than I anticipated. I probably would have freaked out.

The end result is amazing though. What a difference! I just can't get over what a little girl she looks like. There is just no trace of a baby in there at all.


  1. She looks so grown up, I hope everyone got a curl to keep, it's so lovely seeing Your beautiful daughter grow up..... They don't stay little for long so enjoy every minute

  2. Thanks, Pam! We definitely kept the curl. It is in her baby book now.

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