Monday, April 13, 2015

Treats from Japan

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted my thoughts on Try the World? It's a company that sends you treats from around the world. Well, a friend of mine who used to live in England with me and has since moved to Japan posted a comment saying that there was no need to pay for this service when I have so many friends who live around the world. She then volunteered to send me a fun Japanese treat!

And, here's what I just got in the mail: apple pie flavored Kit Kats! Aren't my friends awesome?

So what do apple pie Kit Kats taste like? Short answer: not bad. They have a bit of a weird fake-apple taste, but I kind of like it. They remind me a lot of those caramel apple pops you get at Halloween. Dan said the Kit Kats remind him of Turkish apple tea. Either way, they are fun. Thanks so much, Kathleen!

Now who wants to help me think of something cool to send her in return?

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