Friday, April 10, 2015

Measuring Up

I showed you the other day how I made a growth chart for Zahara, and today I'll show you how we use it. We have only officially measured Zahara once, but she loves this ruler so much she asks to "see the numbers" almost every night. She loves standing with her back to the ruler and asking me to "color her." Then it's either my turn or one of her stuffed animals'. I love watching her use her imagination and imitate things we do.

We debated the best way to mark Zahara's height. We wanted it to stand out from the ruler marks, but not be too obnoxious. There are no immediate plans--family, read that first part again--but eventually there might be another family member whose height we'd like to mark. So we wanted something that would be unique for Zahara, with the same color marking her height all the way through. A future sibling could then get another color without causing confusion.

Testing colors

We tested a few colors of permanent marker, plus two different nail polishes on the back of the ruler. The nail polish was actually Dan's idea. You can see that the Sharpie marks are barely visible, but the pink nail polish stands out well. I liked the silver too, Dan voted for pink, so I happily agreed.

March 27, 2015; 21 months

Once we measured Zahara, we used the purple Sharpie to write the date and number of months. We actually debated for a while about what to write and it what format. We chose this format to give the most information in the cleanest form.

I definitely am not trying to rush time, but I can't wait to see her grow along the ruler over the years.

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  1. Calli, we have one for all the grandchildren and we measure on their birthday each year. It is something they all love doing and get quite competitive about who was the tallest. It's also a great memory stick, enjoy watching Zahara grow.......