Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guest Post: Adult Halloween Party

Remember the Chocolate Pumpkin Torte I made for Halloween? It was for this epic party hosted by Karen and Katie. These girls really know how to throw an event. I don't know what was more fun...eating, dancing, dressing up...all of it was amazing. I'm already pressuring them to throw another party soon. Here's Karen to give us the scoop.

Katie had her heart set on having a Halloween party for our friends in Harrogate and was looking for a venue. So I agreed to host the party at my house, and thus the fun began. It turns out that we work very well together, with the right combination of creativity and flexibility. Between the two of us, we had ideas for decorations, food, and entertainment. She came over the day before to prepare, leaving party day stress free for a change!

Ahead of time we made two kinds of Halloween cupcakes, both with a pumpkin spice base. 

Candy corns and owls fashioned out of buttercream

We also made maple sandwich cookies. There was onion dip, salsa dip, and buffalo chicken dip. One favorite was Katie's caramel apple bites.

We then decorated the house with her playful ceiling hangers and confetti, while finding spots for candlelight everywhere.

Afterward, we moved on to the pumpkin carving. Katie had two great ideas for a polka-dot pumpkin and an owl over a cemetery. I decided to match my costume with a Queen-of-Hearts pumpkin. Her husband Jon was very helpful with his clever drill.

Carving party

On party day, our advance preparations made everything easy and allowed us time to get in costume.

The hostesses

All our guests were quite enthusiastic with their costumes and tasty contributions.

Dessert table

Some of the party guests were part of an Alice in Wonderland ensemble.

And all of SOS were present for the festivities!

Queen of Hearts; Little Red Riding Hood; Cheshire Cat;
Risky Business; Alice in Wonderland; 70s Aerobics Man

Throughout the evening, we had a costume contest, where each person could vote for the best and sexiest costumes. Pirate Phil and Gaybraham Lincoln took the prizes!

There was also a doughnut-on-a-stick contest, a surprisingly difficult task.

Then during the dance party, the partygoers got low, very low, for the limbo.

Nick, the 70s aerobics man, enhanced his costume by leading several group dances/exercises! 

And we danced until the wee hours thanks to DJ Jay (10 of Hearts)! 

The party was a total blast, and Katie and I look forward to our next chance to co-host together!

It was amazing! Thanks for sharing all the details Karen! I can't wait for your next party, ladies!

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