Monday, November 5, 2012

Guest Post: Halloween Costume

Hi everyone! While I'm enjoying the sunny beaches of Florida, my friend Alisha is here to tell you about the awesome Halloween costume she made for her husband Blue.

Halloween costumes have never been something I've put much effort into.  They've always been  awesome costumes (Captain Jack Sparrow, Super Bock Woman, Zombie Branegans employee, Margot Tenenbaum...); just not timing consuming.  This year, Blue wanted to go as the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, so I sewed my first Halloween costume.

The idea was a pullover costume made of felt with extra arms to wear over a blue hoodie, complete with small hookah...which, incidentally, we forgot at home. At least all the arms made it.

I decided to cut out and sew hands rather than stuff gloves. It was the cheaper option, and I really like the unexpectedly creepy outcome. 

Creepster hands
I wouldn't want to run into someone with these hands in a dark alley.

The body of the costume was easy; just like a large bag with a hole cut for the head.

Stuffing and attaching the arms/hands to the body was a bit more of a pain, but after a few choice words and grumbling, I got it. 


 The finished product:

I also made some cookies to hand out to people. Side effects have yet to be determined, but so far, we haven't had any major growth spurts or losses. Whew. Another successful Halloween in the bag.

I saw the costume in person, and it was absolutely incredible. The arms all moved! Blue had a lot of fun with that all night, claiming he wasn't meaning to grope people as they walked by. I'm not sure I believe him, but I'm glad he enjoyed all the hard work Alisha put in to his costume. Thanks for sharing Alisha!


  1. That costume was one of my favorites from the evening! I also like the tutorial. I guess you never know when you will need to have six arms at a party. It did make the dance portion of the evening highly entertaining!

  2. This came out so well Alisha!!! Great job!