Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Rain-Soaked View of the White Towns

I conducted an informal Facebook poll to ask my well-traveled friends where to go in Southern Spain. Granada was at the top of nearly everyone's list, followed by the White Towns of Andalucia. On to our itinerary they went.

I had never heard of the White Towns, known for their whitewashed walls and tiled roofs, but was definitely interested after seeing some photos online.


Unfortunately, it was POURING the day we headed to the hills. We were real troopers about it and carried on, but it was not as spectacular as it could have been. The roads to Zahara and Ronda were windy mountainous passes that were extremely treacherous when covered in thick fog. It made for a gorgeous landscape, but my poor dad (and carsick-prone mom) did not enjoy the drive.


Fortunately, Zahara made up for it with a truly memorable meal. We found the one restaurant in town and hunkered down to wait out the storm. The food was incredible and we found ourselves reluctant to leave.

From our rain-soaked vantage point, Zahara was tiny, but charming. Everything was closed, but we did manage to accidentally explore a gorgeous cemetery.

And on that slightly macabre note, we ended our tour of the White Villages. At least we got some great views on the way home. Thankfully the next day in Granada was much sunnier!

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