Monday, April 8, 2013

My Husband Rocks!

My husband is amazing! This weekend he completed a 13.1 mile race to become a half-marathoner! I'm so proud of him!

Dan's been training for months, posting status updates like these on Facebook:

Adorable, right? Yesterday he finally got to post this one:

The race was in Blackpool, a fun/tacky seaside town in North England. We drove up on Saturday afternoon with our friends Rachel and Chris. Chris, and another of Dan's co-workers Adam, were also running the race. Unfortunately, we were too busy stuffing our faces carbo-loading to take any pictures on Saturday night.

Chris and Adam on race day; photo courtesy Melanie

The boys got really lucky with the weather. It was in the 40s and slightly overcast--not too hot, not too cold--great running conditions. It was a little cold for spectators, but it wasn't anything that some hot chocolate and an eclair couldn't solve.

Spectating is hard photo courtesy of Melanie

Dan did so well! I can't believe how happy he looked all through the race. I guess the training really paid off.

Mile 3.5

Mile 13

Almost done!

I can't wait to tell baby Levin all about how awesome and inspiring her dad is. Way to go Dan! And congrats to Adam and Chris too!

Photo courtesy of Rachel

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  1. BIG congrats to Dan on training for and running his first half marathon! Looks like he had a blast!