Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well That Didn't Last Long

Remember just a couple of days ago how I said I was completely in love with the Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector? Yeah, that didn't last long. It turns out that I am totally allergic to it! The cream itself is great and eliminates dryness in my hands. The problem is that anywhere my hands touch I break out into a big, ugly rash. My belly and arms are covered in hives! Thankfully my midwife prescribed some hydrocortisone cream and I'm almost back to normal. So, with hesitation, I have to withdraw my endorsement of this lotion. Looks like I'm back to the drawing board. Any suggestions for hand creams you love?

Great cream, if you can deal with hives


  1. http://uk.loccitane.com/l'occitane-shea-butter-hand-cream,83,1,29776,271739.htm

    Caroline gave me some as a going-away gift and I've been in love ever since. Just make sure it's not the Shea butter you're allergic to!

    1. Great idea. I'll check it out. Thanks!