Thursday, April 18, 2013

Road Trip to Sevilla

When I was 18, my friend Leah and I backpacked around Europe for 7 weeks. It was an amazing opportunity and we definitely made the most of it. One day, around a month into our trip, I called my parents and announced that I would not be returning to America as planned, but would instead be moving to my new favorite city: Sevilla. Obviously, that didn't work out for a variety of reasons (mostly money and guilt), but the city still holds a special place in my heart.

That's why day two of our Spanish adventure with my family included a fairly long road trip to Sevilla. It took us around three hours to wind our way from Marbella, where were were staying. It was a long way to drive, but Sevilla is such a fantastic city that I didn't want to miss it. 

On the road

We had a bit of a tricky time driving into the city. There were lots of tiny one-way roads whose signs did not translate well to English. We finally made it though and were rewarded with great weather and great views.

My favorite thing about Sevilla, and this whole region of Spain, is the abundance of orange trees. The city is littered with these gorgeous, fragrant blossoms.

We toured the cathedral, which is the third largest in Europe. In addition to the beautiful architecture and loads of religious icons, the cathedral also houses Christopher Columbus' tomb and the crown jewels. 

Christopher Columbus' tomb

If you're not 27 weeks pregnant, I would highly recommend climbing the bell tower. Dan did and captured this view.

Sevilla is a great town to just walk around and get lost in. The Jewish quarter was particularly good for this, with it's narrow, winding streets. In fact, the streets are so narrow that they're known as "kissing streets," because the buildings are leaning so far forward they're practically kissing.

Kissing streets in Sevilla
Though it's been years since my last visit, Sevilla was just as charming this time around. It was definitely worth the trip.

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