Monday, April 15, 2013

Hola España!

A few weeks ago my parents and sister met Dan and I in Spain for a week-long European adventure. We've been looking forward to this family vacation for a long time--so long, in fact, that we planned it before we even knew we were expecting! The trip was fantastic, and aside from the crummy weather, it was everything we wanted it to be. We saw a ton of the country, spent some quality time with the family, and ate our own weight in sweets :)

Dan and I took it upon ourselves to plan the itinerary for the week. My parents were concerned about my mobility since I was 27 weeks pregnant, but they actually had a hard time keeping up with me!

Our first day was spent exploring Malaga. Though the city is on the Costa del Sol, or Sunshine Coast, there was barely any sun to be found. Despite the horrible weather, we trudged on and were rewarded with great views from the top of the Gibralfaro castle.

The castle itself wasn't anything that special, but it's still worth a view. It's free on Sunday afternoons, so if you're able, try and take advantage of that.

The hike down from the castle into the town was very steep, but really pretty. The city's landscape is absolutely gorgeous. There are citrus trees exploding with ripe oranges and bushes brimming with fresh flowers. It makes the city look and smell amazing.

Sidenote: how cute are my parents? I hope Dan and I are as happy as they are 34 years into our marriage.

We had a delicious lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called Vegetariano Canadu. I was a little worried about whether I'd be able to find enough to eat for the week since I don't eat non-kosher meat, and I can't have certain cheeses while pregnant. I was worried for nothing. I ate VERY well while in Spain. We mostly ate tapas-style and I was always able to find a great selection of vegetarian or fish-based dishes.

We arrived in Spain the week before Holy Week. As a predominately Catholic nation, Spain takes this time of year very seriously. Cities around the country prepare for Semana Santa for months in advance. Huge crowds take over the streets as religious icons and marching bands parade through the town. After lunch we caught a few glimpses of the preparation.

It was a great first day in Spain. I was proud of my family for fighting through the weather and their jet lag to make the most of the day. No rest for the weary though. Next up: Sevilla!

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  1. Wish I had been there cuz it looks like a great group you were with!